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My Mission is to provide the Adult Entertainment Community with the highest quality, most effective tax and accounting solutions available anywhere, regardless of price. Having served the Adult Entertainment Industry for over 20 years, I am uniquely qualified to understand the unique challenges faced by adult entertainers attempting to file tax returns. I personally speak to every client and I prepare every single tax return which is processed by my office. My goal is to legally minimize each client's tax burden while making sure each return safely flies under the IRS's notorious audit radar. Most tax preparers are not familiar with the unique tax deductions legally available to adult entertainment or porn star taxes. I am. No stone is left unturned in applying my 30 years of studying and interpreting the United States tax code’s 70,000 pages of IRS rules and regulations to legally minimize my clients tax liabilities.

Tax refunds
Owner of business



  • Native of Chicago, Illinois

  • BS degree in Accountancy, University of Illinois (Champaign, Illinois, 1979)

  • Passed all four parts of the CPA exam in one sitting (November, 1979)

  • MBA degree in Finance, University of Wisconsin (Madison, Wisconsin, 1980)

  • Practiced accountancy and tax under various CPA's (1980-1984)

  • Licensed to practice in Illinois (1984)

  • Established residency in California (1984)

  • Practiced accountancy and tax under various CPA's (1984-1988)

  • Licensed to practice in California (1988)

  • Opened private accountancy and tax practice in Southern California (1988)

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